The Water

Always use fresh, cold water to prepare good tea. The purified or spring water is the best choice, as they lack dirt or other substances which can affect the taste of the tea beverage . On the other hand it is good if the water has natural minerals that can strengthen the tea taste. Therefore we should avoid the use of distilled water, which would neutralize the taste .

The Temperature

The temperature is probably the most important factor in the preparation of tea. The popular theory that boiling water is suitable for any tea is not at all true . The various types of tea are prepared at different water temperatures . Green tea for example , is prepared at a lower temperature , while the black needs a higher temperature of the water to earn its typical taste.

Brewing Time

The brewing time is also different for every single tea type. More delicate teas (like the green one) should be brewed for less time than blackor Pu-er . Of course, it all depends on personal preferences.

The Teapot

Perhaps at first glance it seem sinsignificant, but in fact the material of the kettle is extremely important.When choosing a kettle, we must consider the type of tea that we are preparing. Metal teapots for example, retain heat much longer than glass and porcelain. It is therefore appropriate to use the metal in the preparation of tea teas requiring a longer brew time. The glass and porcelain pots intended for more sensitive teas requiring a lower temperature and shorter time of infusion.

Brewing Guide

Tea Type Temperature Time Caffeine Content
Green Tea80 °C1-3min.20-40mg.
White Tea80 °C3-8min.40-60mg.
Black Tea100 °C5min.50-60mg.
Fruit Tea100 °C5-8min.0mg.
Herbal Tea100 °C5-8min.0mg.
Oolong Tea80-100 °C5min.50-60mg.