Tea Is a Must Ingredient in Every Diet

Not only it keeps on seducing us with the various nuances in its rich taste but good tea also helps us lose weight, burn fat, maintain healthy cholesterol levels and yes, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Maybe you are one of those people who can easily lose weight, but have difficulty maintaining the achieved result. And you also love to play sports, but you are not among the most regular visitors to the gym. Permanent weight loss is influenced by various factors and interrelated processes in the organism. Tea is one of those factors. Therefore, tea is a must ingredient in every diet. In addition to containing many antioxidants that have an overall beneficial effect on our health, it also contains components that help us reduce weight, burn fat, maintain lower levels of cholesterol.

We have created a luxurious tea with powerful natural ingredients to help you be more consistent in your desire to feel good. And we called it “Fitness” because we believe that physical activity should be included in any weight loss program. We created this tea to charge you with the energy you need to reach your ultimate goal. In addition, it is a really nice tea – with amazing taste and almost no calories!

So let’s tell you why we believe that tea is a must ingredient of any diet. First, we will answer the question what are the most important properties of tea for weight loss?

Caffeine in tea increases endurance

All Camellia sinensis teas contain caffeine, and most of all – black tea. Caffeine helps your body endure longer and tougher exercise, thus directly affecting the effectiveness of training. This component stimulates the adrenaline rush – the hormone that optimizes nervous system function and productivity. The frequency of heart muscle contractions increases, body temperature rises, and energy costs increase as a result. In other words, caffeine promotes metabolism.

Various studies have shown that caffeine intake 20 to 30 minutes before a workout helps athletes focuse more, endure more, exercise more and burn more fat. Whether you are a professional athlete or maintain your health and figure with sports, pre-workout black tea will only help you be more effective in it and even lose weight.


Pu Erh tea is a must ingredient in every diet because it contributes to a better digestion

Black Pu Erh is a type of double-fermented black tea that improves the gastrointestinal tract function. Thanks to its double fermentation, it contains bacteria that promotes faster digestion. It has been proven that Pu Erh can help our organism process dietary cholesterol. This tea also supports the production of the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline, which help reduce the fatty acids. It is thanks to these qualities that Pu Er can promote weight loss.

At the same time, Pu Erh also removes various toxins. Due to its composition, it increases the level of oxygen that reaches the brain and thus increases circulation and blood flow. This reduces free radicals, which are at the cause of serious, in many cases chronic diseases. For centuries in China, Pu Erh has been used to help the spleen and stomach filter toxins. Simple sugars and microorganisms in this tea encourage the spleen to purify the blood and eliminate free radicals. Of course, everything said so far makes Pu Erh tea a must ingredient in every diet.

Where does our delicious Pu Erh tea come from?

Pu Erh is made from Camellia sinensis plants in China’s Yunnan Province. Its taste characteristics are diverse, but most tasting notes include earthy notes. After picking up, the tea leaves are mixed by hand in a giant wok until the oxidation stops – but before the leaves become completely dry and before the natural bacteria in it are killed. The leaves are then left to dry in the sun. During this process the bacteria continue their action, gradually transforming the fresh green color into a dark and fragrant tea.

To this day, producers compress most Pu Erh teas into a variety of forms. This practice originated during the Ming Dynasty to facilitate the tea transportation especially at long distances. Today, however, it is reserved for teas intended for aging. The compressed form creates a more stable environment for aging and enhances the function of microorganisms. There are two types of Pu Erh tea – raw and ripe. The second is left to mature or is aged by a new technology for faster fermentation. It also has a lower level of caffeine.

What other ingredients are there in tea “Fitness“?

In our fragrant “Fitness” tea we have included several other ingredients. Their function and scents will only act to support the main Pu Erh benefits. Maté helps to regulate weight because it increases metabolism, suppresses mental and physical fatigue and has an invigorating effect on the body. Rosehip is rich in vitamin C, provides energy and strengthens the immune system. Lemongrass is a natural relaxer, cleanses the body, has anti-inflammatory effect and is beneficial for digestion. Apple’s pectin helps body get rid of toxins, improves gut microflora thus enhacing the immune system. It also contributes to a better digestion and helps us lose weight but maintain muscle mass.

Tea helps maintain body’s water balance

All teas are natural diuretics because they increase water intake and, as a result, its excretion as urine. However, some have a stronger diuretic effect than others. They stimulate the body to get rid of excess fluid and thus reduce swelling. Caffeine has also diuretic properties. It increases blood flow to the kidneys, encouraging them to excrete more water.

However, this does not mean that tea dehydrates the body, on the contrary. A caffeine overdose equal to more than 500 mg per day or between 6 and 13 cups of tea per day (1440 – 3120 ml) can cause dehydration. The World Health Organization does not recommend more than 400 mg daily dose of caffeine, and for pregnant women – 200 mg. So in moderation, tea is as hydrating as water. It helps to quickly reduce the volume of the body by removing excess fluid and maintaining water balance in it.

Tea suppresses appetite and leaves us less hungry

Let’s start with the fact that there is a maximum of 2 calories in a 240 ml cup of pure tea. Pure tea also has zero cholesterol and saturated fat. By pure tea we mean only Camellia sinensis leaves without other additional ingredients. Our tasty “Fitness” tea does not contain ingredients such as dried fruits with a high sugar content. So it won’t burden you with calories unless you add some by sweetening it or mixing it with milk. At the same time, however, a cup of tea is able to soothe your stomach and cheat hunger. It is not only herbal teas such as mint, chamomile, ginseng, ginger and dill that suppress appetite. Teas with caffeine also can do this precisely because of their caffeine content. So there you have one more benefit from caffeine – it suppresses appetite while boosting the body’s metabolism at rest. Flavonoids, which are antioxidants of both black and green tea, have the same effect.


Did you know that losing muscle mass is a common side effect of diet?

If you lose a lot of muscle mass, your body will start burning fewer calories. To prevent this loss, you can start doing resistance exercises. Perhaps the simplest of these is lifting various weights, but there are many options, including yoga asanas. Just choose the most suitable for you.

How to make a cup of delicious black tea

Let us take our black Pu Erh tea “Fitness”, as an example. Just folow the steps:

Heat water to 90-92 degrees. For 1 l of water we recommend 5 tsps or 10 g of tea. Let them infuse in your teapot for 3 minutes and strain the beverage. For a standard tea cup of 240 ml, we recommend 1 tsp or abour 2,5 g of tea. We do not recommend a second infusion but you can use the leaves as a plant fertilizer. Store your tea in a dark and dry place, in a tightly closed package or box, away from other odors.

So, do you now agree with us that tea is a must ingredient in every diet?

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