Find Happiness in a Cup of DelmarTe Tea

How to feel happier? And does tea have to do with it? Let us tell you about our Program Happiness and answer your questions…

You may find it strange to say that you can find happiness in a cup of tea. Let us explain to you why we believe in this. At the beginning of the year we always try to improve our lives. To make a change so that we can be happier, more satisfied, healthier. Perhaps this desire is especially strong after the difficult 2020. And as it is usual in January, we are more introverted and ready for a positive change.

We strongly believe that tea can be your program that leads to happiness. Do not think about tea just like another medicine. Open all your senses to tea as an experience that can be different at any given time and can bring you a variety of emotions at different times. However, remember – all the emotions from tea are positive and contribute to your well-being.

Happiness is a lifetime pursuit of something with the feeling that there is always something missing

When something is missing in our lives, we believe we are not really happy. Or not happy at all. We at DelmarTe believe that happiness comes with small acts that we make in order to bring joy to others and to us.

We also believe that if we do not take care of our own health and well-being, we will not be able to contribute to the health and well-being of our loved ones.

And what is health, if not to be in harmony with ourselves and with the world around us!?

Health brings a feeling of calmness and joy when we find balance in our lives. And this balance is the foundation of happiness.

Tea has connected people around the world since time immemorial.

Tea can bring us many and different moments of happiness because it can helps us find balance.

We believe that in the moments when we start feeling that happiness is running away from us for some reason – we feel tired or sad, we are getting down with something or we have eaten too much, there always is an appropriate tea to help restore harmony.

Probably many of you have been selecting different types of teas for the different periods of the day or for your different moods because you have felt tea’s various benefits and have realized that your attitude towards selecting and enjoying a certain tea can change your thoughts and therefore your mood at the moment.

And to those of you who are yet to dive into tea’s magical world, let us help you with your choices as we tell you more about the myriads wayя that a cup of tea can make you happy.

A cup of tea can give you everything that you need, in any single moment.

Don’t think that there is a deep secret here. It is all very simple – every tea consists of processed Camellia sinensis tea bush leaves (black, green, yellow, white) or of herbs, flowers, leaves, fruits, spices. And there are millions of combinations of all above-mentioned ingredients. 


Because the ingredients of each tea influence our momentary way of thinking and physical condition – some act like tonic, other fill us with energy, there are those that boost our immunity and there are those that have a positive impact on our metabolism, and then there are some that have astringent effect while others – exactly the opposite effect, etc. etc.

To by happy all the time is an everyday luxury that you could have thanks to a cup of DelmarTe tea because our mixtures are carefully selected and tested.

You should make your choice based on what you’re looking for and what’s missing in your life to be completely happy.

It is not difficult to find happiness in a cup of tea DelmarTe – you should only find the right tea for the right moment.

A fleeting moment, a cup of great tea, a wise thought – they all can change our lives.

Realizing this is only the first step.

If you look deep into yourself, you will surely see what is missing from your life… and this will make your choice for a personal Happiness program easier.

Think… Do objects that you own bring you happiness?

Or, do you feel happy when you are content, satisfied, joyful?

Yes, those are fleeting moments. However, you can have a lot of them! And constantly!

All of us are made up of sense and sensibility. And all the time we experience many different emotions. Our brain creates these emotions. Therefore, the two cannot be separated from each other, but they can coexist peacefully. The key is that if we control our minds, we also control our emotions. It’s easy to say – difficult to accomplish. Difficult but not impossible!

We suffer more in imagination than in reality.

This ancient philosopher Seneca‘s thought serves to remind us that the way that we process internally external events determines how we feel.

That’s why we offer you a simple practical exercise to help you achieve a moment of happiness – with a little help from tea:

Make yourself a cup of tea… but not just any tea.

You can transform drinking tea into a ritual of happiness and a ceremony of tranquility.

If you do not have a lot of time, if you are at work, for example, grab a tea sachet from our Premium Collection.

If you love tradition, you can also choose from our loose teas from Home Tea collection or Program Happiness. You can brew it quickly and easily in our elegant and practical DelmarTe cup with strainer and cap.

If you want you can practice mindfulness by concentrating in the present moment.

Even if you are not a meditation expert, this will help you relax your brain. And you can even try to empty all thoughts you may have, slowly and gradually, with each sip.

Follow the steam coming out from the cup. Where is it flying to? See how beautiful is its dance, as if it is a skilful dancer engulfed in her craft.

And now, take a look at the tea’s leaves.

See how they open, see how they grow as if waking up for a new life. They will also infuse you with life and bring you joy. See how they gradually change the color of water and transform it according to their own colors.

Can you sense the smell coming from the cup already? What is it like? Is it of something familiar? Is it strong or delicate? Are you impatient to taste the beverage?

It’s time to taste the tea. Try to find the different nuances of its flavor. What about its aftertaste? And how does the taste change when the drink starts to cool down? Want to enjoy the second infusion that many of our great teas allow?

Even when you are very busy in your office – give yourself one moment like the one we describe!

We offer you a variety of teas with great flavors to fill any lack you feel.

Share your happiness with others as you share your tea

If you prefer to enjoy a longer tea ceremony – depending on your time and mood, and when you want to make it an unforgettable experience, you can choose one of our extremely rare, high-quality loose teas from our Exclusive collection.

When you share your tea, it is even tastier. It is no coincidence that the Chinese and Japanese have created and still perform long tea ceremonies, in which every detail is extremely important. Even in those ceremonies though, the most important element is sharing with the other, communicating through tea. Or in other words, sharing a moment of pleasure.

And in our traditions, tea connects people in many different ways.

Parents brew tea for their children; grandparents – not only for their grandchildren, but also to treat various ailments; we all serve tea to our guests, especially at the afternoon gathering; we look for a cup of it to sleep better; even when children play with doll sets and generously pour tea on their dolls …

Most of the time we make hot tea to keep warm but there are also moments of iced tea to keep us cool. For millennia tea is the most common beverage in the world after water and continues to connect people and to make us happy. Because happiness means also to enjoy long-lasting, stable and happy relationships – the opportunity to share our lives with other people and to trust them.

We all change and look for something different at every different moment to be happy.

Let tea guide us this year. And let’s immerse ourselves together in the endless world of flavors and aromas in countless combinations of different types of tea. Let us open our souls and senses to our own Happiness Program. And let’s find happiness in a cup of Delmar tea …

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