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Four Benefits from the Mint and Chamomile Tea

The two herbs make a great combination that fights stress, inflamations and bad digestion

Mint and chamomile aro among those herbs that we know since early childhood. We are so used to their aromas that when we sense them, they instantly transport us to a safe, cozy and calm place. Mint, a fresh green stem with an amazingly strong aroma and chamomile, yellow core and delicate white petals swaying in the summer wind.

How many time has any of us had mint and chamomile teas as a child not knowing anything about the amazing benefits of those ordinary and wide-spread herbs?

While it is winter, we want to protect ourselves from various infections and we strive to keep away the flu. Some will say that this winter is not particularly harsh. Unusually warm weather however could be even more dangerous than typically harsh sub-zero temperatures.

That’s why we chose mint and chamomile because we find four of their many benefits especially important in this period.

Mint and chamomile for strong immunity

Mint strengthens the immune system due to its exceptional antibacterial properties. It contains Vitamin B, potassium and calcium, which stop infections. Mint is also rich in antioxidants.

Chamomile contains flavonoids that act as antioxidants. Along with its essential oil and coumarins, they are its most beneficial substances for strong immunity.

Mint and chamomile to calm you down

The need to stay predominantly at home for almost a year because of the new coronavirus Covid-19 has brought upon us anxiety and worries. Relax with the help of mint and chamomile tea! Both herbs have the ability to calm, reduce anxiety, promote better sleep. They are even recommended for people suffering from depression.

Mint and chamomile have amazing effects – as a combination of both or each one on their own.

Mint and chamomile for good digestion

When we are worried, we tend to have a nervous stomach. This is not a coincidence. Anxiety with psychological or emotional cause directly attacks our stomach and can also have negative impact in digestion. The good news is that both herbs have a positive effect on digestion.

Mint relieves gastrointestinal diseases, especially irritable bowel syndrome, and chamomile soothes digestive system disorders such as flatulence, stomach pain, diarrhea, ulcers and more.

Mint and chamomile to keep away the flu

Even if you get the flu, the combination of green mint and yellow chamomile will help you feel better.

Mint reduces high temperature and helps with respiratory problems by relaxing the muscles of the throat and chest.

Chamomile has antibacterial properties and therefore inhalations with chamomile tea relieve the bronchi and sinuses during flu, colds and infections. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and that is why chamomile tea is suitable for sore throats.

In which DelmarTe Teas you can find mint and chamomile

Midsummer Dreaming – loose tea from our Home Tea collection and sachets from our Premium collection

Violet Dreams – loose tea from our program Happiness

You can also enjoy any of those two aromatic herbs on their own:

Find Mint in those teas:

Egyptian Mint – loose tea from our Home Tea collection and sachets from our Premium collection

Slim Size – loose tea from our program HappinessDELMARTE-HERBAL-TEA-SLIM-SIZE

Calm Down – loose tea from our program Happiness

Find chamomile in those teas:

Royal Chamomile – loose tea from Home Tea collection 11031-H-Royal-Camomile-Home-edit-700x700

Flat Belly – loose tea from program Happiness

If you have any doubts about a certain health problem or you need a treatment, we recommend that you seek medical advice from a qualified professionalist – a doctor or a pharmacist. Do not self-medicate, even if only with herbs!

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