The Perfect Tea Gift for Any Special Occasion

Here is our Gift Set “Tea Time“ that will infuse every tea lover’s special day with tasty aroma and good mood

We all want to make happy our dearest friends and family members on their special occasion –
be it a birthday, a name’s day, an anniversary … or simply because we love them!

However, how to choose the perfect tea gift for a tea lover?

Our answer is the DelmarTe Gift Set “Tea Time”.

We have selected teas from our Premium collection and combined them with an elegant DelmarTe tea cup and a greeting card to make sure we will make happy every tea lover.

In addition, we will make sure to deliver the gift regardless of the destination!

What can you find in the perfect tea gift “Tea Time”?

The perfect tea gift includes everything that you need for the perfect tea moment!

You can find an elegant DelmarTe tea cup in the set “Tea Time”. It is made of high quality thick-walled porcelain to maintain the temperature. We have added a lid for pefrect infusion both at home and in the office.

And we have also included a stylish DelmarTe “Best wishes” card. We will make sure we write on your behalf your wishes to the one you chose to send this perfect tea gift.

And of course, the most important – two tea boxes from our Premium collection with 20 sachets each.

Gift Set “Tea Time” comes with one of the most original DelmarTe Premium flavors

In order to help you express your feelings and best wishes and make your choice easier, we offer you several different selections for our Gift Set „Tea Time“.

Give a moment of happiness with a cup of DelmarTe tea!

Best Wishes: „White Chocolate and Vanilla – Rooibos“ and „Raspberry Garden“

South Africa‘s most famous export product, rooibos tea, comes to you in a mixture with delicious white chocolate and fragrant vanilla. And the „Raspberry Garden“ green tea enchants with fresh fruit notes of raspberries, cranberries and elderberries.

Black Tea: „English Breakfast“ and „Arabian Nights“

A hit among fans of black tea, the most consumed tea in the world. We have selected two unique flavors to make sure you enjoy two very different black teas. Of course, we can’t ignore the classic „English Breakfast“! But we offer you something very interesting in it – a strong black tea from Assam with a natural taste of honey and cocoa. And “Arabian Nights” plays with a tasty mixture of black tea with fruits and flowers.

Green Tea: „Raspberry Garden“ and „Chinese Sencha“

This set, on the other hand, is for everyone who can’t imagine a day without green tea. We have selected two different teas because we want to give you the opportunity to taste the unadulterated pure flavor of the most famous Japanese variety Sencha in “Chinese Sencha” and its version in a tempting blend with delicious berries in “Raspberry Garden”.

Decaf Tea: „White Chocolate and Vanilla – Rooibos“ and „Hawaii Dreams“

A set of two refreshing teas, suitable for any time of the day. We have combined our favorite “White Chocolate and Vanilla – Rooibos” with the fruit extravaganza “Hawaii Dreams”. In the latter, we have mixed the sweetness of exotic fruits such as papaya with the familiarity of local raisins, strawberries, apples, raspberries and more.

Herbal Tea: „Egyptian Mint“ and „Midsummer Dreaming“

Is there anyone who does not like two of the most iconic herbs used in tea for centuries!? You know very well the taste of mint – but have you tried our tea made from large, fragrant mint leaves that grow in the exotic gardens of Egypt? In “Midsummer Dreaming”, the fragrant chamomile dominates the greem mixture of mint and lemon balm.

Flavors and Moods: „Taj Mahal“ and „Arabian Nights“

In this set, black and white tea complement each other as yin and yang in perfect harmony. The pearl in the crown of tea types, white tea, is the main protagonist in the „Taj Mahal“. It is complemented by the subtle aroma of aloe, apples and strawberries. The aromatic mixture of black tea, fruits and flowers in “Arabian Nights”, on the other hand, carries the positive energy that fills every day with happiness.

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