Why DelmarTe?

DelmarTe is our program for a happy life

We enter DelmarTe teas world with its founder Vesela Dabova and we go back in time to learn the history behind DelmarTe, to find out more about the various tastes in different tea collections and to try to find happiness in a cup of tea.

Vesela Dabova: DelmarTe is the sea water whisper; the murmur of the waves that bring enchanting aromas from one world to another.

DelmarTe is the fragrant and aromatic tea that whisper in our ears thousands stories…

DelmarTe is our desire to have a minute for ourselves in our busy days and to allow ourselves the luxury to immerse in those scents and stories.

DelmarTe is our program for a happy life…

When and how were DelmarTe teas born?

Vesela Dabova: This is a long story. The idea of DelmarTe was born when we started distributing high-quality tea from the USA to Bulgaria. We fell in love with the teas’ aromas, variety and message. Our desire to choose a tea for every taste and for every tea lover inspired us to create our three tea collections:

In our Premium Collection we have selected a tea from each type – black, green, white, herbal, fruit and we have placed them in biodegradable pyramid sachets. This collection is for those who love comfort and quick preparation.

Our Home Tea Collection is a gift for those who love to experiment, taste different types of tea or just love to indulge in their favorite tea, be it green or white. We had tasted more than 3000 teas in order to select only the best and I believe that we did really well. First, we have selected 120 teas but then gradually reduced the quantity to the 30 best-selling ones.

It was much easier to organize our Exclusive Collection – we have selected only exclusive teas with limited quantities, only the best that one could find. To this day we make our choice based on the absolute exclusiveness of the taste. That is why, there are predominantly white teas in this collection.

Who are DelmarTe teas for?

Vesela Dabova: When I drink tea, I always sit down and my mind relaxes. When I drink coffee, I don’t need to sit down. I can drink it everywhere, walking, driving… However, when I drink tea, I experience a different sensation. I imagine how the English aristocracy used to enjoy their 5 o’clock tea and I feel the same pleasure.

In Bulgaria, though, we don’t have these traditions and drinking tea is usually connected to fighting a flu or other illness.

However, I just try to say to everybody: Tea is delicious! Tea is an experience! 

Tea could be your Happiness program. That is why I believe that anyone who is in search for their own Happiness program could find it in a cup of DelmarTe tea.

What is this Happiness program?

Vesela Dabova: What is happiness if not a lifetime pursuit of something with the feeling that there is always something missing?

When something is missing in our lives, we believe we are not really happy. Or not happy at all. I believe that happiness comes with small acts that we make in order to bring joy to others and to us.

I have been drinking teas and selecting different types of teas for the different periods of the day or for my different moods – they keep changing because I am Gemini! – and I have realized that my attitude towards it can change my thoughts and therefore my mood at the moment.

I have started pondering why I prefer a certain tea in the morning, another – when I am stressed out, a different one – before going to bed. I started wondering how they influence the way I feel. And after a thousand cups, it all became crystal clear – I know now that tea can make us happy in many different ways. And tea can bring us many and different moments of happiness.

That is why I have chosen several things that we lack and found a way to compensate them with a cup of tea. And this cup of tea has become my everyday luxury that I can’t do without. It gives me anything that I need in any single moment.

What is the Happiness program principle?

Vesela Dabova: It is all very simple – every tea consists of processed tea bush leaves (black, green, white) and other ingredients such as herbs, flowers, leaves, fruits, spices. The ingredients of each tea influence our momentary way of thinking and physical condition – some act like tonic, other fill us with energy, there are those that boost our immunity and there are those that have a positive impact on our metabolism.

When I start feeling that happiness is running away from me for some reason – I feel tired or sad, I am getting down with something or I have eaten too much, I always find the most appropriate cup of tea to bring back the balance and restore harmony.

To by happy all the time is an everyday luxury that I could have thanks to my cup of tea.

How to choose the most appropriate DelmarTe teas for us and for our loved ones?

Vesela Dabova: You should make your choice based on what you’re looking for and what’s missing in your life to be completely happy.

A fleeting moment, a cup of great tea, a wise thought – they all can change our lives.

Realizing this is only the first step.

If you look deep into yourself, you will surely see what is missing from your life… and this will make your choice for a personal Happiness program easier.

Everything we need to know is inside us.